About us

The company AVICENTRA s.r.o. is a family-owned business that is currently one of the leading producers of food for exotic birds and rodents in the Czech Republic. The owner – Miroslav Chladek has been an exotic bird breeder since he was young and like most breeders in the Czech Republic, he solved problems with purchasing of fodders. There were times when people did not have a wide range of pet foods from different brands like these days. In an effort to ensure foods for parrots and to finance his hobby he started selling millet and sunflower seeds to other breeders in the 1990s. The former storeroom located in a garage of his family house was not sufficient anymore. He decided to buy an abandoned granary in the neighbouring village of Stropesin and the company was founded. This building has been used by the company AVICENTRA up to the present day and because of three new extensions, the 250 sqm building became a building with 1,200 sqm. Thanks to the cooperation with the farmers, Miroslav Chládek managed to supply cereals to almost every producer of the feeding mixtures for parrots in the Czech Republic. At that time he started thinking of a production of feeding mixtures with his brand.

In 2001 we established the company AVICENTRA s.r.o. and with the same name we started making mixtures for exotic birds and rodents. Soon our products became very popular among our customers and thanks to their reputation we built a strong position in the market. In 2005 we expanded our storage capacity of raw materials with purchasing an harvest line with 4,000 sqm. In 2007 we extended the building in Stropesin with the last annexe and we bought the company COP COR s.r.o. with the trademark Sonnenland. Thanks to the purchase we gained the valuable know-how. The product range of the trademark AVICENTRA was increased by prime handmade sticks for birds and rodents and for instance cob corn bedding. At that time we also started working on a new design of our brand, new types of packaging and a stronger brand promotion. Later we solved capacity problems again and in 2014 we bought the former potato storage house in Studenec with a total area 20,000 sqm and with 6,000 sqm for manufacturing and storing. In year 2015 we completed construction the automated mixing line with a precise cleaning for the production of feeding mixtures and it makes the line one of the most modern in Europe. In year 2016 we centralized all the production and areas for raw materials and final products storage. Our aim is to supply our products abroad with the same success like in the Czech Republic and to expand our offerings.