About us

The company AVICENTRA l.t.d. is a family company, which is currently one of the leading manufacturers of feed for exotic birds and rodents in the Czech Republic. The history of the company began to be written in the early 90s, when the owner Miroslav Chládek started selling cereals to breeders. At that time, the idea of establishing a brand that would offer quality feed was born.

1996 purchase of a cereal granary in the village of Stropešín

2001 establishment of AVICENTRA l.t.d. and the introduction of feed under the same brand name

2004 purchase of the post-harvest area in the village of Načeratice

2008 extension of the Stropešín complex with a product warehouse and new production facilities

2009 start of production of exclusive hand made sticks for exotic birds and rodents

2013 purchase of the area of the former potato factory in the village of Studenec with an area of 20,000m2. Start of work on a complete reconstruction

2015 completion of reconstruction and construction of an automatic feed mixing line

2016 relocation of the company and complete centralization of all production and warehouse to the reconstructed area in Studenec

2017 construction of 6 grain silos with a volume of 4000m3

2019 construction of new expedition hall

2020 construction of storage silos by another 5 pcs - 3200m3

2021 Introduced new feed line COMPLETE+

           Construction of another 6 grain silos and a new hall with a post-harvest line

2022 Modernization of the mixing line with new cleaning machines and automatic bagging lines

2023 Next construction 7 pcs of grain silos. Total capacity in 24 silos – 16,000 m3

           Introduced new line of Garden menu feed for outdoor birds